Four Tips for Hospital Video Production Success

Video storytelling is all the rage these days. Here are four tips to help production go smoothly.

  1. Write a brief outline for your video. Have the key players involved (the fewer, the better) approve the outline before filming starts. This way you’ll have buy-in for your project. The outline will also be your production guide, and helps your actors know what’s expected.
  1. Always, always scout locations. Even if you’ve been there before, you should visit locations again to check them with your eyes and ears. Look for natural light. Listen for any sounds that may be out of place in your story. This includes doors opening and closing, cars, planes, or ringing phones. The hum of heating or air conditioning may be too loud in certain areas. And be creative with your locations. Steer clear of offices and conference rooms.
  1. There’s no such thing as too much b-roll. B-roll footage is what you cut to while your subjects tell a story. For example, in a hand hygiene video, b-roll might be an employee washing her hands and a hand hygiene sign. While you’re scouting, look for places where you can film b-roll that will match the content of your video. This MedStar Health promo does a great job of showing the story with b-roll.
  1. You have many ways to show and tell stories. Instead of using only talking heads, how can you show stories? Some opt for photo slideshows like Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s “Pre-Olympic Snow Skier Recovers from Injury Like a Champion.” For this popular, low-budget YouTube “Tell Me a Story” series, Cincinnati Children’s staff records interviews and pairs stories with images.

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