Writing, editing and research are my callings. My experience ranges from healthcare and internal communications to copywriting, publishing, scripting, film research and journalism. Along the way I’ve done research for books and websites, and written everything from patient safety and quality articles for hospitals to names for pet food and beauty care products.

The common theme? Strong writing that tells a compelling story. Everyone and everything has a story. My job is to do my research, ask questions, listen carefully and tell the story.

In Ohio University’s Journalism program, I learned the importance of listening carefully to interviewees and my editor. Also, I internalized the importance of timeliness, accuracy, creativity and working as part of team. Now I take the same thoughtful, open-minded approach when working with clients. In marketing and communications, I learned to craft a story that supports an initiative or brand, and seek interviews, ideas and words that speak to consumers or employees.

What do I love most about my work? Meeting others and learning from them. If you’d like to talk about your writing, editing, video or research needs, contact me. I look forward to listening to you.

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